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St. Paul University

St. Paul University

(Saint Paul's College)      Alumni logon



About Us

Saint Paul's College

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School Information


There are currently 35 buildings of historical value throughout the school.
The number of students enrolled per year is less than 1,000, and the dormitory capacity is 300 females and 224 males.
School area: 137 acres → 831.6 acres (1 acre = 6.07 acres)


About the campus/facilities


The school site is suitable for school, network teaching, scientific research, new product development, training base, summer camp winter camp base, activity center, large-scale gatherings (such as wedding celebrations, awards ceremony, etc.). There are many land available around the school to build high-end communities. It is now basically forestry and agricultural land. Revitalizing the local economy by changing its use is supported and encouraged by the municipal and state governments. The useful life of the land is permanent, but the land tax is paid annually according to the law.

To be Management partner


1. The global high-quality management education group needs to have physical operations.
2. Private aristocratic schools are better for the distribution of US green cards.
3. It can be matched with the original operating entity.
4. It has a better business education operation mode and can be operated innovated.
5. Have a planning operation team.
6. Education, innovation, and operational concepts are in line.


Historical college


About Saint Paul's College

On September 24, 1888, the famous priest, Russell Solomon James established the predecessor of São Paulo University in Southern Virginia, São Paulo General Industrial University. In 1941, it was officially renamed São Paulo University of Technology. Today, the University of São Paulo has developed into a private four-year coeducational liberal arts university. The University of São Paulo plays a very important role in the local area and is an important part of the local social group. The University of São Paulo is a member of the Southern University Alliance, the Black University Fund Alliance, the St. Paul University Alliance, and the Virginia Independent Council, and is a member of the Central University Joint Movement Alliance.

Research units

Business Management
● College vision
The establishment of the School of Business and Management has become a business and management department that combines both theory and practice, and seamlessly integrates with regional characteristic industries. Students have become top-notch professional business talents.
● College mission
Committed to fostering cross-disciplinary integration and professional business talents that are seamlessly integrated with the industry.
● College education goals
   (1) Having professional and humanistic literacy skills
   (2) Specialization and cross-domain integration
   (3) Cultivating talents with both theory and practice
   (4) Cultivating talents that are seamlessly integrated with the industry
● College core competence
   (1) Professional knowledge
   (2) Humanity literacy
   (3) Cross-domain integration
   (4) Industry-university practice
● The future development of the college
(1) Development orientation focuses on the forward-looking and complete academic system, and can quickly respond to the rapidly changing social needs
(2) Enhancing teachers' research capabilities, strengthening teachers' teaching skills, and encouraging teachers to obtain professional licenses
(3) Make good use of alumni and enterprise resources, strongly promote practical courses, and have a teaching effect combined with industry
(4) Cultivating students' corporate ethics and social care values ​​through various group activities and service learning courses
(5) Actively cooperate with the school to promote international exchanges and cultivate students' international vision

Science and Technology
1. Guide the professional management of the professional orientation with the corresponding departmental curriculum.

2. Provide employment and speciality courses, guide students to seek multi-skills development, cultivate cross-disciplinary, and have executive power
    And international management expertise.

3. Provide a license road map to distinguish between skill attributes and trends, and to give students who are looking for different areas of development
    The blueprint obtained from the license.

4. Deepen local and industrial management with lean enterprise research, chain retail and circulation management, and sightseeing and health and leisure activities management
    With the job market, establish a professional field of management college features.

Learn as if you were to live forever.

- Mohammed Ghanti

St. Paul's Gate
About St. Paul's University
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Research Units
  •  - Business Management
  •  - Science and techenology
  •  - Humanity & Culture
  •  - Natural Medicine
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115 College Dr, Lawrenceville, VA 23868, U.S.A.

W10085 Pike Plains Road, Dunbar, W1 54119 U.S.A.