Bio-Active Deodorant



Bio-Active Deodorant is applied the latest technology of microbial agents in Japan, maxing culture of beneficial microorganisms in natural environment. Designed for a variety of peel, kitchen waste and other organic matter easy smelly, effectively eliminate odor, thereby reducing flies breed. Micro-Active Deodorant is non-toxic, non-scent and fragrance free, different from the traditional way to cover up the smell by chemical fragrance, but decompose odor from the source to restore fresh air.

Ingredient: Viable bacterial cultures、pure water (non volatile agent). Direction for use: Shake well before use, spray at foul source or space directly. Home use and carry are appropriate.

Scope: kitchen bucket, kitchen, bathroom, drain, shoes cabinet, cigarette smoke, car smell, pet surroundings.






Net weight: 100ML/pcs
Packing: 24 pcs/box, 96 pcs/carton
Bar code: 4710846-40010-5


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