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One kind of antimold agent applies for fungicidal and anti-molding effect and can be used safety for all leather producing processes.

Product Characters

  • Possessing the fungicidal and anti-mould effect.
  • Applied for process of chrome tanning leather or double face leather.
  • Good dispersion.
  • No more hurt or discoloration during tanning.
  • Avoiding pH more than 8 while adding into solution.

Product Purpose

Composition:Aromatic derivative.
Appearance:Brown liquid.
Active substance:Approx 30%。
Inert substance:Approx 70%。
Flash point:90℃(closed cup).
Dissolution:Good resistance in the normal works concentration.
Indication of use:

  • Adding 10 times amount of water to dilute as the exactly usage amount.

Shelf life:One year (in unopened drum resp. containers under normal storage conditions).
Packing:120KGS/plastic drum.
Storage:Sealed drum kept in cool and dry place under 10℃-25℃. Avoid frozen.
Safety:For safety information, please refer to MSDS.

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