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Applied for all types of leathers to get the outstanding velvety feel.

Product Characters

  • It can soften the fiber of the appearance of the leather to get the good velvety fee.
  • Can mix with dyeing water.

Product Purpose

Composition:Product reacted by natural and mineral oil.
Appearance:Milky white liquid.
Active substance:19%~21%
PH:6.0-8.0 (10% aqueous solution).
Indication of use:

  • To dilute with 3-5 times amount of water and spraying on the surface of the leather.

Shelf life:One year (in unopened drum resp. containers under normal storage conditions.)
Packing:120KGS/ plastic drum.
Storage:Sealed, keep in cool and dry place at +10~+40C.Avoid frozen and stir before using.
Note:It is a batch form production and as such it is subject to small variation in color and consistency. This however has no influence on the technical property of the leather.
Safety:For safety information, please refer to SDS.

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