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Enhancing the flossy handle & antistatic electricity.

Product Characters

  • More soften and round on the grain.
  • Suede will have the touch feeling of silk and soft.
  • Improve the rough touch of the crust and gets the special effect of antistatic electricity.
  • Make the pig garment suede be soft, silky & avoid caused the pleat as well as increase the footage.

Product Purpose

Purpose:Enhancing the flossy handle & antistatic electricity.
Composition:Silicone based touch oil.
Appearance:White, slightly viscous liquid and dissolve into water easily.
Charge:Weakly cationic.
Active substance:24-28%.
PH:3.0-5.0 (10% aqueous solution).
Electrolyte resist:Excellent resistance in the normal works concentration.
Indication of use:

  • Using for surface fat-liquoring: After acid fixation,changing water and adding1~2% of GINSOL NEW GS &running 20', no washing water.
  • Using for finishing: Diluting with water by the ratio of 1:10 and spraying to the upper leather to get the good touch feeling, but it must be dried after spraying.

Shelf life:One year (in unopened drum resp. containers under normal storage conditions).
Packing:100KGS / 130KGS / plastic drum.
Storage:Keep in cool and dry place at 10~35C. Before use or sampling, warm up and stir well.
Note:It is a batch form production and as such it is subject to small variation in color and consistency. This however has no influence on the technical property of the leather.
Safety:For safety information, please refer to SDS.

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