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Applied for all types of leathers, especially for grain leathers such as NUBUCK and SUEDE.

Product Characters

  • Blended by synthetic oils and special fish oil, it can be the main fatliquor for any tpe of leather to make leather not getting too oily and too dry effect. It is important that the leather for buffing is with good touch feeling.
  • It can be used with any kinds of anionic fatliquor.

Product Purpose

Composition:Sulfited synthetic oil.
Appearance:Brown liquid.
Active substance:58-62%.
PH:6.0-8.0 (10% aqueous solution).
Electrolyte resist:Fine resistance in the normalworks concentration.
Indication of use:Before using, stirring andemulsifying with 3~4 times amount of water at 20~50°C.Shelf life:One year (in unopened drumresp. containers under normal storage conditions).
Packing:150KGS/plastic drum.
Storage:Keep in cool and dry place at 10~35°C. Before use or sampling, warm up and stir well.
Note:GINSOL SWF is a batch formproduction and as such it is subject to small variation in color and
consistency. This however has no influence on the technicalproperty of the leather.
Safety:For safety information, please refer to SDS.

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