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Jing-Ci Taiwan Enterprise was established in 2001. It combines with kiln and ceramic crafts and other related design development. The founder of the enterprise, Mr. Ru-Long Xia, started his career in ceramics and many design innovation since 1985. More than twenty-year experience in deriving in ceramics with the professional design teams, Jing-Ci came to a very sophisticated comprehension of how temperature and other surrounding environment may have effect on its kiln. To all of these, Mr. Xia first started with his interests in creating different tones of glaze, smear and enamel on ceramics. Just like a symphony conductor, between materials and techniques, he is able to find harmony in both and make beautiful art pieces.

In addition to deriving and making innovations on its techniques, the firm has also been focusing on functionality and modern design in order to broaden the market and possibility to international. By promoting local Taiwanese culture, Mr. Xia expects his products will be able to compete with the mainstream market. In order to challenge the unpredictable factors, Jing-Ci gradually came up with different glazed enamel, though the temperature and smears on the pots are very difficult to take in control. After plenty of trails and errors, such as uncolored or un-toned products in many cases, the development process has become common lessons and experiences for the company. Jing-Ci takes its development process as a mission toward Taiwanese ceramic industry and with that much promise and passion of Mr. Xia. Now, Jing-Ci is proudly presenting the introduction of Chintang Pottery. 

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