Our History

True Coffee Roasting Studio was founded in 2010.


True Coffee Roasting Studio was founded in 2010. We work toward a goal, “ to provide fresh and exquisite coffee beans, In 2012, one of our expresso blend “Artemis” had been reviewed “93” performance records by the most credible organization “Coffee Review”. After so many twists and turns, we had our own coffee shop in 2014, and it was also named ”True Coffee Roasting Studio”, which was located in New Taipei city, Chung-Ho District ,Lian-Sheng Street 78. To run a coffee shop is no easy task. As for that, flavor testing and cupping plays a vital role in every single day. We believe that making coffee to people is a way to passing torches which embody the spirit of passion and perseverance. Still, we keep ourselves achieving more, and do our best to bringing it into infinite.

true coffee roasting studio成立於2010年主要以批發咖啡豆為主。 起初從一間家庭烘焙工作室開始,經歷許多波折堅持到現在位於中和連勝街78號第一間門市。 而咖啡對我們而言是一種生活態度,我們追求簡單自在和真實的自己,我們熱愛咖啡喜歡從咖啡尋找不一樣的風味變化結合及創新, 把熱情從生活中透過每一杯咖啡傳遞給顧客,而每款咖啡豆我們透過嚴格篩選後才使用,我們堅持著品質風味表現一直不變, 經過無數的嘗試於2012年榮獲世界最具公信力組織coffee review的認證評鑑獲得93高分的榮耀。

TRUE Coffee Roaster ® Coffee supplies and services quality,

highly regarded Astoria coffee machines and Anfim

TRUE COFFEE 烘焙工作室提供咖啡用品和服務,推薦Astoria咖啡機和Anfim磨豆機





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