Production Service

Estimation SOP

  • You provide the image or sample

  • Discuss by phone or e-mail or fax

  • Provide quotation as soon as possible

  • Confirm the order

  • Process arrangement

  • Program production

  • Program integration

  • Workpiece processing

  • Product inspection

  • Appearance cleaning and examination

  • Shipping notification

  • Product delivery

  • Client feedback

  • Program review

Manufacturing Requirement

  •   Strict with SOP implement

  •  Cross-check for dimensional accuracy by production line operators

  • Strict with quality verification before workpieces disembarkation

  • Strict with quality assurance with no defective products

  • Continuously strict with the best habits of technicians

  • Keep the process records of all workpieces for liability tracking

Manufacturing Requirement

Components Processing SOP

  • Drawing/ reclaiming program

  • Program input

  • Machine setting

  • Material loading

  • Origin confirmation

  • Process execution

  • Process inspection

  • Place in semi-product area

  • Outsourced surface treatment

  • Final examination

  • Place in packaging area