Product Coverage

Product Coverage

Based on our professional understanding of market demand, Grand Pan-Well work with quality suppliers from worldwide to provide a wide range of products with grounded supporting clinical papers, technical information or patents, including:


Neoviderm Skin Emulsion(proven by multi Clinical Studies)

      (second degree burns ,  Protection before and after radiotherapy treatment, superficial Ulcer)

Dermacombin Cream

      (Superficial bacterial infections, cutaneous candidiasis)

Clotrisone Cream

       Fungal skin infection ( candidiasis, tinea  pedis, tinea cruris, tinea corporis)


Circulatory System :

Lipigan f.c. Tablets

Cardzaar f.c. Tablets

Neogin Tablets

•Amino Acid Chelated Trace Elements : (With Proven High Absorption rate)

•Cyclobiol Q10 – Heart health

•Multi-Cod Capsules – Essential Omega 3 Fatty Acid

•Fish Oil: Squacap Softgel Capsules, Cleopatra Softgel Capsules


Digestive & Metabolism:

Hepawell Tablets

Diamel Capsules

Diab-Tranz Tablets (Equigluco)

Kidzflora Chewable Tablets

ESOXX Emulsion (coming soon)



Cell-Life Tablets

Kidzflora Chewable Tablets

Oncoxin Oral Solution


Liver Protector:

Hepawell Tablets

Viusid Oral Solution


Patented Dosage Form

FerraCel Biphase Bottle

LacSpore Biphase Bottle


Cancer Adjuvants:

Oncoxin Oral Solution

ArgiMent AT



Allerdep Nasal Spray

Infloprop Nasal Spray


Urogenital System:




Nervous System:

Etopan XL 600 Tablets



Prevention of Chronic Disease:

Super Mega B+C Tablets

Diab-Tranz Tablets (Equigluco)


Special Care:

Alkagin (Intimate Care)



Medical Food:

ArgiMent AT



      Pan-Osteo Tablets

      •Balanced Well-Osteo Tablets

      •Austeoform Tablets

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