Welcome to Taiwan Hypersomnia Association. 

  • Integrate and promote the professionalism and research capability above sleep related disorders in Taiwan.
  • Provide the knowledge platform and propaganda of related disorders.
  • Help patients of hypersomnlence, narcolepsy and other sleep disorders to seek for early medical treatment and to mitigate the family economic burden.
  • Simultaneously promote the understanding to broad society.
  • Proceed to get more support from government for these patients and to educate more people.
  • Help the patients and their families to get appropriate medical help.




Narcolepsy and Hypersomnolence are the disorders researched more clearly in medical science. Recently, the explanation is also due to the extensive sleep examination in the recent years.

In 2014, Dr. Yu-Shu Huang and several enthusiastic physicians discuss with patients and families to establish “Taiwan Hypersomnia Association”. On January 1st , 2015, we announced patients’ fellowship and a preparatory congress to establish “Taiwan Hypersomnia Association”.

On August 1st in 2016, we obtained the formal authorization letter to establish “Taiwan Hypersomnia Association” (T.H.A) from Ministry of the Interior.

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